Avid DS - its last hurrah

I'm sure that everyone with an Avid DS knows, support and development for DS runs out in September 2014. So.... what do you do if you have a DS? 
Well, first thing is for those that already have a DS running 11.x software I would ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version (currently 11.1.1 as I write this.)

If you are going to be upgrading your DS, use the very useful http://aviddssupport.avid.com to ensure you have the following

  • License - lisence creation is still supported as long as you have support and if you are moving from 10 to 11 a new license will also be needed!
  • Correct OS and service pack - Windows7 Pro
  • Correct drivers. Usually supplied with the DS installer
  • Latest Updates - sadly the v10.x and v11.x base installers have all been removed from the site, you can only get updates - you can however download DS 11.1.1 from the Avid Download Centre (assuming you have an account that is) 
  • Plugin Versions are correct. Tinder and Sapphire Plugins being the most common
I have just done a couple of DS upgrades to 11.1.1 and speaking to operators they are all very split as to what to replace the DS with. In most cases the DS will stay with them for some time as they revisit a lot of work that has been carried out on the DS. Obvious contenders are Smoke, Fusion and Nuke to name but a few.