Avid Unity - Portserver, Ethernet nagging

The old Avid Unity systems used to use AECIFS (Avid Enhanced CIFS) via its PortServer service to allow Ethernet clients attach to its Unity file system. Prior to v5 Unity, this component was based in either the LanShare products, or, where used in larger sites that used the likes of NewsCutter an external PortServer server was used to act as a bridge between the Fibre Channel based Unity 4 systems and the Ethernet clients. 
Unity 5 however, rolled both Ethernet and Fibre clients together are a much larger scale than that of the popular LanShare and with it came the now ageing PortServerPro service. 
Unity 5 or is that Lanshare LP? Who can tell without the sticker
This service can be rather flaky and when pushed hard can fall over. So if you having issues with your Ethernet clients (who are running Avid Connection Manger that is)  and they are having issues attaching but other systems on fibre are happy have a look at the service and make sure it is running (perhaps even stop and start it) If you are still having issiues then have a look in the now legendary PortServer Console Utility and if all else fails sadly stop unity and then restart it.

In some cases people have found improved stability if they went to 2003 server SP2. This was qualified in September 2010 and recommended for all 5.1.3 servers.

That said if you are still running V5 Unity you really should start to look to replace it very soon.