BM Smart Videohub

Black Magics range of routers are proving ever more and more popular, and there self contained SMART Videohub offers a neat 1U, 16x16 solution. However, set-up of this unit is not the same as others and is more than a little confusing, even when using the manual as it rather vague.

BlackMagic Smart Videohub

The router has both a USB and Ethernet port on its rear. Usually you would use the supplied Router Control Utility to log onto the switch via a USB connection and then change the address here. This, however, is NOT supported as the switch cannot be reprogrammed for cross points etc. So... how do you change the IP address on the unit?

Setting the IP address on a Smart Videohub
To set the Ip address using the Videohub software...

  1. Connect a USB cable between control PC/Mac and switch
  2. Connect a Ethernet cable between control PC/Mac and switch
  3. Set the IP address of the computers network port to an appropriate address. In this case I set it to
  4. Launch the Videohub software.
  5. In the 'Edit' menu choose 'Video Server Preferences'
  6. In the lower box marked 'Smart Videohub Server Configuration' type in an address that is within the IP scope you set on your PC. In this case I chose This sets the address on the router. (if this is not available check your USB connection,
  7. Uncheck the 'Use locally attached Videohub' radio box at the top of the box and then type in the same address that was used for the Videohub here.
  8. You can now change the labels and control the unit as expected via Ethernet.

Server Preferences. Left: USB and Ethernet connected. Right: Ethernet cable only 

Front panel control
Choose the destination first (buttons on the right of the unit) and then choose the source on the left and the connection should be made straight away