Monitoring bay conditions

After spending all your time and effort getting your engineering bay sorted and beautifully wired it's well worth will installing some sort of  remote monitoring tool that alerts you of your bays environment.

There are a number of items out there but I have recently installed a very cost effective Geist GBB15 which has both temperature and humidity sensors built into the unit. You can also add in up to 4 external devices as well as web cameras to see what the bay is doing (perhaps flames if you're lucky / unlucky?) 

POE Version is also available
This has a neat web interface and can email / SMS alert you when the unit goes outside of the specified ranges.

It's early days to pass comment on the unit yet as its only been in a few days so lets see what this unit does for the bargain price of only £89!

So, now the system has been bedded in for a week or so, it is going OK. The Aircon controller reports ambient temp of 20.8 degrees while the unit (located in the top of as rack shows 22.1 degrees, which is sort of believable. Gmail SMTP and automated email notifications is however proving somewhat problematic. I will post details of how this was resolved later.