Tinder PlugIn for DS11.1

Just following on from my DS 11 post. If you are using the Tinder Plugins you may find the following install info helpful.

Tinder 4.4v4 installer is designed for DS11.0 and so when installing the plugins by just choosing next, next next, you will get an error saying it can find the DS 11.0.exe file. To rectify this, simply change the path (as shown below) to DS_v11.1 rather than the default DS_v11.0.

Change the path to read DS_v11.1 rather than DS_v11.0
This will then place the .dll files into the correct location. However, this does not change the default location for the actual effects. These will be placed into the folder at C:>Users>Public>Avid>DS_v11.0
To make life a little easier you can then cut and paste the Tinder4.4 folder from the Presets folder inside the DS_v11.0 folder into the appropriate location within the DS_v11.1 folder. Don't forget to also then throw in your Tinder License at this point else you'll get the coloured dots displayed.