Serial Numbers remotely and a meeting with WMIC

Faced with walking about a facility to collect serial numbers of over 70 workstations I came to the conclusion that something must exist that can do this for me. Turns out its Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC.) Implemented since WindowsXP (and perhaps earlier) as standard

A simple command line that reads
   wmic /node:[remote computer name/IP address] bios get serialnumber

placed into the CMD prompt line will give me the desired result, that is display the serial number of the machine. In my case I was only looking for PC systems running Microsoft OS, so this tool is perfect. 

But when you dig a little deeper into WMIC it can indeed become a very helpful tool that can be used to write simple scripts and mine very useful data indeed.

I know that this will be very old hat to a lot of experienced IT professionals but if you're not here's a few helpful links...