Partial Clips from Avid into Resolve?

When moving media between Avid and Black Magic Resolve there has been a number of incidents where the clip is only partially transferred from Avid into resolve and then displays black.

This can be physically seen in the Avid system if you highlight the suspect clip in either segment mode or between In and Out points and the clip is only partially highlighted. In the clip shown below the area that is highlighted is actually offline and the area that is highlighted is online. Its like it only works from the start of the clip and is marking clip boundaries. Its also worth noting the Red locator in the timeline (also also in the clip) which shows the start of the next spanned clip.

Avid Time Line - Click to enlarge

When inspecting the clips details it is more than likely going to be an XDCam codec.The issue is owing to the master clip being a spanned clip!

To get around this issue the best thing to do is a video mix down of the clip and all should be well.

In the mean time the question is what is the issue with spanned clips in the timeline and why the Avid doesn't recognise it as a single unified clip?