Grading - Interfaces revisited

Some time ago I wrote a post about building a Davinci Resolve and mentioned a number of control surfaces that would be good to use with the software.

In there I mentioned the Tangent Waves and now very popular Elements panels. What I failed to mention was that I installed the Tangent panels as they represented the best product at that price point.

But Tangent have now released a new lower priced unit to help us all own a panel to grade with, which is a MUST for anyone actually wanting to grade efficiently. Enter the Ripple...

Ripple... not a Flake
Tangent, says of its panel, it is...

"Designed for the occasional colourist, editor, and student, Ripple provides the essential 3 tracker balls that speed up primary grading. Its small desk foot-print means it will sit comfortably beside your keyboard and mouse, and it won't get in the way when you're not using it." 

  • 3 tracker balls with dials for masters. 
  • High resolution optical pick-ups for the balls and dials. 
  • Independent reset buttons for the balls and dials. 
  • Programmable A and B buttons. 
  • USB powered with integral cable. 
  • Light-weight compact size (desk foot print 325mm x 148mm).
I'd say this would be great for home systems and editors and student wanting to look into the art of grading. Priced at $350 this is the obvious target audience.

First seen at IBC 2015 the product again attracted a lot of interest at NAB 2016 and should be released very soon. Put me down for one...

Now all we need is someone to come up with a a cheap Grading monitor!? Jonny Elwyn has a great read on this very subject!