MOG Speedrail and Avid 5000 Folder Count - UPDATED!

For some time now, Avid has controlled the number of files it creates within the Avidmediafiles / MXF folder by using a subfolder structure.

For local storage, Media is placed inside a folder called 1. When this reaches 5000 files this should trigger the creation of a folder called 2 and so on.

This is done to help alleviate the database files (mdb and pmr) created by the Avid and allow for easier management in larger storage systems.

However, sometimes if third party systems are being used to ingest material, onto larger shared storage systems, this count can sometimes be lost.

In the case of MOG Speedrail this can still be maintained if you know where to look.
When setting up the MOG, you need to specify what storage is being used within in the Speedrail, either AVID ISIS or Unity. On this page you have the possibility to establish a maximum files per directory. By default it is set to -1 allowing continual file creation to take place in a single folder.

Set it to 4999 and this should now adhere to the Avid folder structure we have discussed, creating another folder once the 5000 file count has been reached.

MOG have now made this even easier with SR 2.24. Under the password the 'Additional Options' allows you to set a value for the max files and by default is set to 4999!

It is worth noting that when also using Interplay, even though the database are abandoned and Indexers used, this file count still needs to be used as Indexers can only track 10,000 items in a single folder!